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The Robeson County History Museum is partially funded by the city of Lumberton and Robeson County. As City and County funds have been reduced over recent years, fundraising and donations are now more important than ever. Your donations, participation, and contributions to our fundraising efforts assist the museum with daily expenses related to acquisitions and promotional efforts. We are able to maintain free admission and programming with the funds we raise each year.



Acquiring artifacts, gathering the history and making sure it is preserved properly takes many hours of locating, researching and sometimes researching some more to find the proper way to preserve. On top of that funds are usually needed to purchase the artifact and buy proper displays to showcase and preserve. Through fundraising, we have been able to acquire enough artifacts to fill every room. We want to keep our history alive, share it with future generations and continue to morph each exhibit into even more than it already is with new artifacts to each collection. Funds raised by our events are crucial to this effort.


We have many exhibits on permanent display. We are able to add to the permanent exhibits using funds from fundraising events.


The Museum has partnered with other organizations including The Robeson County Arts Council, The Smithsonian Museum, and the Robeson County Cooperative extension to allow for different artifacts to be on display in our main room and throughout the museum. Funds we have collected allow us to reach out  and gain new partnerships, and also add to the displays we receive on loan from our partners.


Each year, we are able to offer more and more family friendly, community events. Some past events include; Sherman's Raid on Lumberton, Museum Mondays, and Journey Stories traveling exhibit on loan from the Smithsonian Museum.


Too many people don't know we have a local history museum. We have been open since 1986! It's time the entire county knows we are here. But why stop with the county? We want to reach out to other museums and areas so we can create new friendships, and more public awareness.

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