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The Robeson County History Museum will continue to benefit the public as a cultural, dynamic, vibrant and exciting organization that is involved in the past and present of Robeson County. We will accomplish this vision by:


  • Conducting events (tours, lectures, special events, etc.) that will add to the life and excitement of the county and will increase awareness and recognition of the Museum in addition to raising funds to support operations.

  • Utilizing the latest technology to more effectively and efficiently communicate the activities of the Museum.

  • Creating an endowment that will support the operational costs of building and preserving the Museum’s collection and the management of all Museum activities.

  • Securing reliable docents to open at regularly scheduled times and other volunteers to document and achieve collected photographs, artifacts and stories.


  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Diversity

  • Pride

  • Creativity




The Robeson County History Museum, an educational organization, captures and shares the story of the Robeson County region, from settlement forward, through exhibits and programs. The museum collects, preserves, researches and interprets regional artifacts.







Faye Middleton, President

Richard Monroe, Vice President

Shep Oliver, Immediate Past President

Brenda Pope, Recording Secretary

Jackie Utz, Corresponding Secretary

Greg Price, Treasurer



2019-2020 Officers

Committee Chairs

Marion Thompson, Membership

Audrey McNeese, IT

Scott Bigalow, PR

Liz Stone, Hospitality

Greg Price, Nominating

Shep Oliver, Docents

Colleen Brown and Marion Thompson, Garden Project

Colleen Brown, Historic Research

Shep Oliver, Facilities