January 2016 President's Report



  1. Presided at Museum Board of Directors meeting.

  2. Served as docent three times.

  3. Spoke at PSRC Social Studies Teachers meeting on behalf of museum.

  4. Met plumber at museum to do repairs. (See bottom of report.)

  5. Helped Faye Middleton do window display for Black History Month.

  6. Met with Arnie Lowry of PSRC twice to plan Black History Month at the museum.

  7. Shep Oliver continues to work on future Business/Education Room. Thanks so much Shep. You’re a champ!

  8. In order to brighten up interior/exterior of museum, I requested that Faye Middleton find us a small lamp for each front window. Faye has done just that and they look great. They are to remain on 24/7. Cost? Only $2 to $5 per lamp. Faye is a great shopper! Shep even did new wiring for one of the lamps. Ruth Ann McLellan even donated a shade for one of the lamps. What teamwork we have!

  9. Delivered bills to our treasurer for payment.


  1. Museum flooding: Last Monday, the museum basement flooded. Unlike previous floodings, this one spread further across the museum floor and has caused a problem. When the city came to drain out the pipes, it was discovered that one of the pipes had broken due to packed debris. They could not repair the pipe without permission from higher authorities. This is a work in progress. I talked with the City Manager, Wayne Horne, who contacted the Director of Public Works. Once permission was given, I talked with Mr. Clark, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Russell regarding time schedules for the repair. It now appears that the work will be done either tomorrow, February 3rd or Thursday, February 4th. At some point, we need to haul in LOTS of dirt and update the well. WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO OPEN THE BASEMENT TO THE PUBLIC FOR EXHIBITS UNTIL WE PERMANENTLY SOLVE THIS FLOODING PROBLEM. ALSO, A GARDEN IS OUT OF THE QUESTION AS LONG AS WATER STANDS IN THE REAR YARD. Cleaning out the drains every six months or so is NOT a solution. We need a good drainage system. Save your pennies; we’ll need them.

  1. I had to have my electrician to return for some lighting issues. First, the motor was burned out in the fan light in the main exhibit room. The motors were also burned out in two of the basement lights. There were also two light switches that were stuck and would not come to power. While there, I also had them to replace the bulbs above the three sets of double doors on the front of the building. I wanted those LED bulbs that burn 24/7 for two and a half years. Finally, I had some florescent bulbs replaced that were out downstairs. FINALLY, every light in the building now works. By the way, they had a great idea on how to light up the exterior letters on the building. That will be discussed at our next meeting.

Richard H. Monroe, President

Submitted: February 02, 2016

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