February & March 2016 President's Report



  1. Spoke at Plant & Pray Garden Club on behalf of museum.

  2. Oversaw construction of new museum roof.

  3. Worked with city on drainage lines for museum.

  4. Helped to set up Black History Month/Presidents Day Exhibit

  5. Had pictures taken of new exhibit---many thanks to our resident photographer, Jim Kirkland, for taking the photographs.

  6. Selected old black and white photographs to be enlarged by Sign City as a backdrop for our next exhibit on antique cameras and antique movie equipment.

  7. Picked up and filled out budget request forms for 2017 from the city and the county.

  8. Sent requested museum brochures to Wayne County Museum in Goldsboro.

  9. Met with Greg Price, Museum Treasurer, twice on financial matters.

  10. Served as museum docent seven times.

  11. Hosted 150 kindergarteners from East Robeson Elementary for museum tour. Many thanks to Faye Middleton who enlisted the following docents: Shep and Gayle Oliver, Vanessa Abernathy, Brenda Pope, Cindy Blanks, and Anne Monroe. Everyone did a great job of describing the artifacts in their particular assigned room.

  12. Hosted 20 students from Exploration Station’s spring camp for museum tour. Many thanks to Faye Middleton, Ruth Ann McLellan, and Helen Sharpe for serving as docents for this tour.

  13. Solicited donations for the new roof from board members. Many thanks to all who contributed.

Submitted by: Richard H. Monroe, Museum President

April 03, 2016

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