September 2015 President's Report



  1. Helped to set up bicycle exhibit. A special thank you goes to Shep Oliver and Ricky Gregory for providing much needed man power to hoist bicycles up in the air for display. We also want to thank Shep for bringing the M.F. Ivey collection from Fairmont in his truck. Other loyal helpers were: Faye Middleton, Ruth Ann McLellan, Vanessa Abernathy, Hilda McNeill, Nell Skinner, and Wanda Aguirre. What a great team!

  2. Made request that the City place bike racks at the museum for the cyclists on October 1st.

  3. Had sponsorship signs made to place at RCC showing that the museum is sponsoring artist Melvin Morris in the Purple Door production of “Civil War/Civil Rights” which runs October 15-18. Melvin’s art work will be displayed in the RCC lobby prior to the performances. You may recall that Melvin provided his art work for our museum display last year. I’ve decided to adopt him on behalf of the museum because every time that we promote Melvin we are promoting the museum.

  4. Met with Tempco to have the museum’s HVAC system repaired. The condensation pump had gone bad and was filtering bad air through the AC vents. The new pump seems to be working well. We may not need to purchase any dehumidifiers yet. This pump may solve our problem.

  5. Met with Greg Price, our treasurer, regarding financial matters. Written report to follow at our next meeting.

  6. Had the square footage of the museum measured as well as the exterior grounds. Thanks to Carol Meares of Century 21 who did this free of charge as a favor to me.

  7. Met with the awning company to be sure that our trim color choice was correct and that we were on target for the installation before October 1st.

  8. Presided at monthly Executive Committee meeting.

  9. Presided at bimonthly meeting of the full board.

  10. Had signs made for the bicycle exhibit to add a decorative and informational touch to the interior exhibit. I also wish to thank Faye Middleton for making all of the identification signs that are posted with each bicycle---hours of work and we DO appreciate your efforts!

  11. Had 500 invitation cards printed to hand out to the cyclists as they arrive at the Bill Sapp Center on October 1st. Many thanks to our IT person, Melissa Hardy, who helped me to design the cards. Melissa can always zero in on exactly what I want and how I want it done.

  12. Met with Jim Kirkland, our resident photographer, who took pictures of the bicycle exhibit. Jim will add more pictures to the collection on October 1st as cyclists visit the museum. Thanks Jim. You always do a great job.

  13. Applied to have the museum listed on Trip Advisor’s website as a means of drawing visitors. Thanks to David Ramsaur for that suggestion.

  14. Took items to Joey Gold for framing. Joey does all of the museum’s framing AT NO COST to us. Please thank him when you see him.

  15. Met with electrician to discuss the possibility of having two electrical outlets installed in the end display windows. The other four windows have outlets. He is working up an estimate for us. I have asked for a large reduction in the labor price.

  16. Hosted the movie producer, Chuck Williams, at the museum. We were chosen as the site for the documentary interviews with various citizens. This documentary is to accompany the movie, “Shake Off the World”, which was made here this summer. I want to thank the following docents who came in at various times during the day to assist us in greeting guests and doing other little things that needed to be done: Faye Middleton, Ruth Ann McLellan, Vanessa Abernathy, Hilda McNeill, Ann Chaney, Gail Oliver, Shep Oliver, Colleen Brown, Marion Thompson, Jackie Utz, and Nell Skinner. Many thanks to Ann Chaney who led the charge to decorate name tags for docents to use on October 1st. Also, many thanks to Ruth Ann McLellan who ordered the bicycle favors and assisted Ann in decorating the tags. What a wonderful pair of docents those two ladies make.

  17. Did an interview with Channel 15 WPDE in Conway, SC regarding our bicycle exhibit and the arrival of Cycle NC on October 1st. My special thanks to Faye Middleton who met the awning company representatives for the installation of the awnings. You might know that they came on the same day as my TV interview. I hope that all of you will agree that the awnings look fabulous! They just transformed the façade of the building. The process with the state, the city, and the awning company took many months, but the end result has been worth the wait. I’m very, very happy with this project.

Richard Hardaway Monroe, President

Submitted September 30, 2015

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