June 2015 President's Report



  • Presided at June 2nd Executive Council meeting.

  • Typed list of officers, Board of Directors, Liaison Board Members, and museum committee chairpersons for the new year.

  • Had museum security system checked for efficiency and function.

  • Purchased eight plain political size signs with stands to use for the monthly Cruise-In on the plaza and at other plaza functions.These signs will announce that the museum is open during special events.To save money, our IT Chair, Melissa Hardy, will print the signs for us.Thanks Melissa!

  • Faye Middleton and I went to Qwik-Print and purchased 40 sheets of thick card stock to use as new backing for the quilt squares at the museum.Those will make a nice, fresh display.The quilt squares are in various patterns and colors and are really pretty.

  • Our Projects Committee Chair, Shep Oliver, spent a morning doing various things at the museum---hung Wasp nests and tree branches from the ceiling in the Natural Resources Room, repaired an outside faucet leak, changed light bulbs, showed me cut off valves and HVAC locations, and took home some deer heads to be mounted on wooden boards to hang on the museum walls.Thanks for the hard work Shep!

  • Faye Middleton and I rearranged the animal displays in the Natural Resources Room to make them more visible and appealing.

  • Worked with Colleen Brown on planning the December Home Tour event for 2015.Acquired last home needed.

  • Worked with Faye Middleton, Wanda Aguirre, and Brenda Pope to dismantle the “Civil War to Civil Rights” exhibit.Thanks gang!

Page 2 President’s Report for June, 2015

  • Went with Faye Middleton, Wanda Aguirre, and Nell Lyon to purchase backdrop material and ribbon for the new “Brides of the Past” exhibit.Thanks so much ladies!

  • Went to Flowers By Billy to have bows made for our new exhibit.Billy is donating them free of charge.He is also loaning us his bride’s kneeling bench to use in the exhibit.Please thank Billy when you see him.

  • Had utilities transferred to the museum from the Sharpe family.

  • Had security system billing transferred to the museum from the Sharpe family.

  • Worked with Dick Taylor on getting a new building insurance policy.

  • Had grass mowed at the museum….$20

  • Many, many thanks for the dedication and hard work put forth for our newest exhibit “Brides of the Past”: Faye Middleton, Ruth Ann McLellan, Nell Lyon, Wanda Aguirre, Shep Oliver, Hilda McNeill, and Melissa Hardy.Many hours were invested but the talents paid off and it is beautiful.To those who loaned the museum wedding gowns, pictures, books, accessories, etc., we are indebted to you.

  • Thanks to Colleen Brown for her help in getting the city to clean out the museum drain lines that cause basement flooding.

  • Had Wade Kirkland to check the HVAC system because left side of building wasn’t cooling correctly.

  • Purchased ferns for the new exhibit.

  • Opening day of the exhibit: My sincere thanks to the following who made the day a great success:

  • Helen Odom and Jackie Utz who attended the register.

  • Nell Lyon, Faye Middleton, and Ruth Ann McLellan for setting up the beautiful refreshment table.

Page 3 President’s Report for June, 2015

  • Anne Monroe for serving punch.

  • A SPECIAL thank you to Ruth Ann McLellan who made the melon balls, homemade mints, and the punch.

  • Thanks to Colleen Brown who delivered the leftovers to the fire department and the police station.

  • Met with Greg Price, Treasurer, on financial matters.

  • Spoke on behalf of the museum at Fairmont Rotary Club.

Richard Hardaway Monroe, President

Submitted June 30, 2015

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