March 2015 President's Report



Assisted Melissa Hardy in the design of the museum’s new brochure. (Nearly completed)

Assisted Melissa Hardy in the design of the new free ad to be placed in The Historical News publication. (Completed)

Met twice with Greg Price, Treasurer, to discuss insurance needs and budget expenditures.

Assisted Faye Middleton in putting up display items for the “Civil War to Civil Rights” exhibit.

Assisted Nell Lyon, Wanda Aguirre, and Faye Middleton in setting up new window display in the Military Room.

Helped to host the “Civil War to Civil Rights” public reception on March 22nd.

Appeared before the City Council to ask for funding for our March 22nd event. (Received $500)

Contacted 5 area museums to research their funding sources and how much funding each county museum received. INTERESTING!

Ordered Budget Request packet for 2016 from the City of Lumberton. Discussed ideas regarding budget requests with Colleen Brown who has prior experience in this area.

Presided at March 3rd Executive Council meeting.

Presided at March 10th Board of Directors meeting.

Had poster made at Sign City for our March 22nd event.

Distributed invitations to our March 22nd event and contacted agencies to share invitation with their members.

Discussed with David Edge, County Commissioner, our need to increase county funding for the museum for next year.

Discussed with city and county officials our desire to be funded by local government for museum insurance needs. (Requests failed)

Met with Ricky Harris, County Manager, regarding our budget request for 2016. (Plans are to appear before the County Commissioners on April 20th at 6:00 PM.)

Met with Laney McIntosh, City Clerk, to discuss best time to approach City Council regarding budget request. (Will appear before Council Policy Committee on May 6th at 11 AM.)

NOTE: I am asking all Museum Board Members to attend the meetings mentioned in items 16 and 17 above, if at all possible. If Lumberton City Councilmen and Robeson County Commissioners see a group from the museum in attendance, it strengthens our chances for a budget increase.

Richard Hardaway Monroe, President

Submitted March 31, 2015

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