January 2015 President's Report



  • Spoke on behalf of museum at the Genealogy Society on 1/03.

  • Presided at the Executive Committee meeting on 1/06.

  • Gave out Fundraiser tickets at the museum on 1/07.

  • Presided at Museum Board of Directors meeting on 1/13.

  • Spoke on behalf of museum at Inquirers Book Club on 1/14.

  • Worked with Fundraiser Team at First Baptist Church on 1/22, 1/23, and 1/24.

  • Served as museum docent on 1/27 and 1/29.

  • Presided at Museum Board of Directors meeting on 1/27.

  • Met with Grey Sweeney, Elaine Davis, and Glenda Lee of Lumberton High School to initiate new student project at the museum.

  • Talked with three potential applicants for curator’s position at the museum. We now call this a “consultant” position. Individual talks were held 1/18, 1/27, and 1/31.

  • Worked with Faye Middleton and Colleen Brown to clean out back room at the museum.

  • Worked, along with Executive Committee, on the job description for a museum consultant.

  • Arranged to have a Civil War exhibit from UNC-P loaned to us for the months of February and March as part of our efforts to form a partnership with the university.

  • Worked on grant from the Lumberton Visitors Bureau to fund printing of new brochures for the museum.

Richard Hardaway Monroe, President

Submitted: February 3, 2015

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