December 2014 President's Report



Happy New Year to each of you! The following is what we did in December.

  • Participated in the Marietta Christmas Parade. Many thanks to Shep Oliver, Gail Oliver, Faye Middleton, and Anne Monroe for joining me for this fun activity.

  • I spoke at the Rotary Club on behalf of the Museum.

  • Hosted Christmas Home Tour at the Museum.

  • Many thanks to Colleen Brown and Blake Tyner who co-chaired the Home Tour.

  • Many thanks to Nell Lyon and Wanda Aguirre who decorated the Museum for the Home Tour.

  • Many thanks to Jim Kirkland who visited each home and site on the tour and took pictures. He placed all of these on CD’s to be used as gifts to those who participated in the Home Tour.

  • I mailed the CD’s, along with a “Thank You” note, to all Home Tour participants.

  • Many thanks to Shep Oliver who repaired lights at the Museum and set the timers for the Christmas trees in the windows.

  • Many thanks to Ruth Ann McLellan for beautifully decorating the refreshment table at the Museum and for serving as a gracious hostess for the event.

  • Many thanks to Marion Thompson for developing the financial spreadsheet that was used to track the ticket sales. It helped both of us tremendously.

  • Many thanks to Greg Price for making all of the deposits as we collected the monies.

  • Many thanks to Faye Middleton for cleaning up the Museum prior to the Home Tour.

  • Many thanks to Hilda McNeill for donating the lovely feather wreaths that were used on Museum doors.

  • Many thanks to Dr. and Mrs. D.E. Ward for putting the ticket booklets together.

  • Many thanks to Anne Monroe for decorating the exterior Museum sign, for setting up the tree contest table, and for donating the lovely live wreath for the Museum wall.

  • Many thanks to Melissa Hardy for providing a photographer for the Home Tour and for placing the event on our new website.

  • Many thanks to Cliff Sharpe for having the front windows repaired in time for the Christmas Home tour.

  • I sent “Thank You” notes to Butch Adams for his Revolutionary War exhibit and to the Lumberton Fire Department for providing the fire truck for the children during the Christmas Home Tour.

  • To all of the Board Members who participated in the decorating of the six window Christmas trees, I extend my heartfelt thanks. They made a beautiful display, especially in the evening with the lights.

  • To all of the Board Members who attended the Christmas Home Tour and beat the bushes selling tickets, I thank you so much for your participation and support.

Richard Hardaway Monroe, President

Submitted: January 1, 2015

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